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  • Blue moonstone necklace top with diamonds in 18k gold -Flavie-
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    There are some jewels so rare that they are only known to jewel collectors with rich experiences. Blue moonstones are one of those. When you look deep deep in the milky white stone, with a slight touch of the light, a magical blue rainbow will appear.  
    Blue moonstones which have a magical glow inside are one of our most popular gemstones of all. What we have here are "royal blue moonstones", which are a kind of moonstones with a high clarity and vividness. 
    Small, but truly shiny and sparkly. High quality royal blue moonstones are clearer than a raindrop. Enjoy the blue sparkle which appear every time you move. Enjoy the combination of diamonds and a truly satisfying royal blue moonstone.
    Simple enough to wear everyday and never get tired of them. In yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold. Choose your favorite and wear them to work, on a date, and of course to parties.
     ※This item is a necklace top, it does not come with a chain. For our 18k chains, check here
    Royal blue moonstone- 6.0mm×4.0mm (0.81ct)
    Diamonds- 0.02ct (S1 class)
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  • Diamond necklace in 18k gold -Flavie-
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    Each and all of you must have dreamed of diamonds, the girls' best friend. Gorgeous huge diamonds are nice, but how about something designed simple and elegant for everyday?
    Our Emma collection are particular about the placement of the diamonds. By sharing the catch of the jewelry, we were able to maximize the brilliance and fire of the diamonds. The 11 jewels will shine proudly on your finger. 
    We only use diamonds suitable for sophisticated ladies, which are classified in the "VS-SI" scale. A strong brilliance and a diamond fire- which is the colored sparkle you see when the stone is exposed to light, are seen. We carefully select diamonds one by one without any inclusions visible to the naked eye.  
    This is why although this item has a delicate form, it has a strong presence. 
     The atelier where our jewelry are processed have a history of 400 years. Craftsmen with rich experience carefully process the jewels into jewelry one by one. More than 10 steps are required to create the ring, and there is a professional for each step to be completed. 

    Diamond- 0.33 ct

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  • Emerald necklace top in 18k gold -Flavie-
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    Hope- In the language of gems, emeralds are hope. 

    Emeralds were beloved by kings and queens in ancient Egypt. These days, jewels are much more common, and we have chances to enjoy the absolute beauty of emeralds.

    Green is actually a color that matches all skin colors. We put emeralds from Zambia into simple and classic jewelry so that you can wear them everyday if you wish. 

    Emeralds tend to look pale when you cut them into small pieces. That is why most emeralds in the market are in "emerald cuts" which are huge, and not suitable for everyday. Emeralds are such gorgeous jewels, that is why we use only pieces that have a rich coloring even when they are in small pieces. 

    Zambia, Africa was where we found the emeralds that match our standards. This color in this size is almost impossible for emeralds. 


    The combination of Diamonds and emeralds in the delicate detailed design. Enjoy the overwhelming sparkle they make when absorbing the sunlight.

    “All the green of nature is concentrated within the Emerald.” Enjoy the absolute beauty in yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold. 

     ※This item is a necklace top, it does not come with a chain. For our 18k chains, check here

    height- 12.0mm
    depth- 3.0mm
    width- 3.0mm

    Emerald- 0.18ct
    Diamonds- 0.02ct
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  • Morganite Necklace in 18k gold -Flavie-
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    Pink is a color with so much potential. 
    It can be orangish to create a warm atmosphere,
    or it can be reddish to be sweet as possible.
    The pink here is with a slight touch of blue for mature women.
    Morganites were first found in the 20th century. As soon as they were found,  they  were admired by the high class, and they were even in the "Great Gatsby" to describe the high class society in New York.
    Morganites tend to be pale with a slight touch of orange. 
    Only Morganites with the highest quality from Africa have are bright pink with a slight touch of blue.
    To enjoy one of the most rare jewels everyday, we put them in simple yet delicate designs. This kind of pink is something you will not find anywhere.
    Morganite from Africa (6.0mm×4.0mm)
    S1 class Diamonds 3pc×2 
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  • Peridot necklace in 18k gold -Flavie-
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    Just like the fresh greens which sparkle under the bright summer sun light, we finally founds peridots suitable for women with taste. 

    Usually peridots are in over dressed designs which are not suitable for daily use. We wanted something you can wear everyday with joy.
    One of the highest quality Peridots. Since peridots are relatively soft, they are very vulnerable and easy to have inclusions. Therefore, it is hard to find large peridots. What we have here are 8.0mm×6.0mm peridots with almost no inclusions. 
    Peridots are usually pale and yellowish, but we gathered only pieces that are bright enough to defeat the bright sun in August! 

    Diamonds- 0.06ct
    Peridots- 0.54ct



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  • Santa Marine Aquamarine necklace in 18k gold with diamonds -Flavie-
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    Aquamarines, the birth stone of march are globally popular because they make all skin colors look even more beautiful. 
    Santa Maria Aquamarines are a kind of aquamarines which were first found in the early 20th century in Brazil, Minas Gerais. Now, the mine is shut down, but the name Santa Maria Aquamarine remains to describe the highest quality aquamarines with rich coloring. 
    The jewels we found on the other side of the world have an incredibly rich blue. They are totally different from sky blue aquamarines which you see in the market.  
    The jewel is gorgeous enough to be ranked in the finest jewel, however, we put them in a detailed delicate design so you can enjoy the absolute beauty everyday. 
    Simple as possible to maximize the clarity of the jewel, but never forget the brilliance. By adding 3 diamonds which are all scaled in the S1 class, the pure clarity and brilliance coexists in this ring. 
    After your order is placed, we will make the item in your favorite color, yellow gold, pink gold, or white gold. 
    ※This item is a necklace top, it does not come with a chain. For our 18k chains, check here
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