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  • No.1 Color Change Garnet ring in 18k gold with diamonds -Bluette-
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    Blue birds, blue roses blue diamonds.... Blue is the most mysterious and unnatural color we know. 

    Garnets come in all colors, red, yellow, green and orange... But no one has never heard of a blue garnet. 

     That is why when we first meat this jewel, we were so astonished. Blue in the day time, and red at night.

    Blue garnets are only found in one single area in the whole wide world, Bekily, Madagascar. They are also called Bekily blue garnets. However, that is not their only charm. They actually change colors under different kind of lights. 

    Under the sun, under the fluorescent ligh, in the day time, at night.... Depending on the time of day, and the light, the jewel dramatically changes it's color. From blue to wine, to red... The colors one stone is capable of!

    The delicate design with details are perfect with the color change garnet. What matches the unstable beauty is the absolute beauty of diamonds. We used eight S1 class diamonds to surround the jewel. Enjoy the remarkable shine on your finger.

    They come in yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold. Find your favorite and wear it everywhere.

    width- 1.8mm-9.1mm


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  • No.2 Paraiba Tourmaline necklace in 18k gold -Alham-
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    Paraiba Tourmalines have such a strong shine they almost look like they are glowing. The stone is relatively small, but only Paraiba Tourmalines with the highest quality could be so dazzling in this delicate form. 

    Putting extra caution on the smallest details-
    that is why the necklace has an absolute presence despite its size.

    Paraiba tourmalines are actually relatively new. They were first found in the late 1980s. Their bright neon blue instantly gathered attention from all over the world. However, the unstable excavation of the precious jewel made the price rise rapidly.... Now, some say they are the most expensive gemstones.

    We gathered Paraiba tourmalines only from the state of Paraiba, Brazil, which have the richest coloring of all. 

    The detailed Milgrain, the thick form of the necklace top and of course the distinctive shine of the paraiba tourmaline. The simple but detailed design will give those who wear it pleasure.

    In yellow gold and pink gold. Choose your favorite. 

     Paraiba Tourmaline- 0.025ct (2.0mm)

    Necklace top- 6.5mm



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  • No.3 Coffret Ring in 18k gold -Panache-
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    The magical and special feeling you experience when opening your favorite jewelry box- that's what you'll feel when you see our coffret collection. 

    When you hear the word jewelry, most people imagine diamonds, the most popular jewel of all. However, during our adventure of searching for rare jewels, we found out that there are so many rare but gorgeous jewels throughout the world.  

    What will happen if we combined all of those fantastic jewels in one ring? - this was the beginning of our coffret collection.

    Most jewelry in the market place follow the rule, "fine jewelry must be symmetry". But this time we aimed for jewelry that will stimulate your instinct, without following any rules- All kinds of shapes, colors and sizes combined together. This is how our breathtaking ring from all angles was born. 

    Our coffret collection includes 10 kinds, 17 jewels on one ring. The pink coffret includes the following,

    Pink Tourmaines- tourmaines tend to be pail or brownish, but we only use tpurmalines with a bright touch of color, just like berries. Paraiba Tourmalines-  Most valued and are most expensive among all colored gemstones. The neon greenish blue is only seen in paraiba tourmalines. 

       Each and all of the stones used in this ring are at the highest qualities.

      Placing all shapes and sizes together is only possible by craftsmen with rich experiences. All jewels have different solidity and are all unique, so it is required to truly understand each and all of the stones.

      To a party, on a date, or even to your office- this ring will add a little more color to your outfit of the day at any situations. Having many colors may give you an impression that it is hard to coordinate, but actually it goes with all kinds of things. 

      Enjoy our iconic collection in all situations!

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      Width- 1.5mm-6.9mm
      Thickness- 1.0mm-3.3mm
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    • No. 5 Turquoise ring in 18k gold -Selena-
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      Turquoises- known as December's birthstones, totally differ depending on where they are from. Our turquoises in the Selena collection come from a mine called Sleeping Beauty in Arizona.

      Like the sky and sun look slightly different all over the world, turquoises have slightly different colors. Arizona is globally known as the best producer of Turquoises. With no artificial processes, only turquoises from this single mine has the most pure and noble blue of all. 


      The Selena collection has a Marquise shape cut with the details of facet cut, that is relatively rare for turquoises this size. We, Bizoux, personally order this cut to the only atelier in Japan that have the right to process turquoises. 


      We have produced a special texture on our Selena collection in order to make the dazzling jewel shine even more. Antique- that's what we aimed for. Use several tools to apply small and large scratches, and then polish the ring again, and do the same thing from the top. By doing this process again and again, the ring becomes more like an actual antique item. 

       Large appearance with one of the largest tanzanites, but with sophisticated details. That is why you will want to wear it everywhere anytime. 

      Birth stone of December.

      Click here for more options of December birth stones>>

      Ring arm:

      width- 2.1mm-2.2mm

      thickness- 1.3mm-1.5mm

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